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Q: Can you copy my favorite clothes for a new one?
A: Yes, we can. Just give us the sample garment and let us know which fabric to be used. Then we will make you its copy. Basically, the sample garment must not be made of elastic fabric. This is because it is not possible to know the actual measurement of each part of such garment. Since the mentioned garment can be extended to fit size of any wearer automatically, we cannot know how much bigger the actual size of that wearer is.

Q: I bought a few patterns of the desired outfits from one of the well-known fashion magazine publishers. Can you make use of them for my outfits?
A: Of course. We have done a lot. Send them to us and let us know which size you are. We will return your patterns when your orders are ready.

Q: How can I take my measurements?
A: If you would like to place your order via e-mail, then you can take your measurements by following the instructions in our form. It is not difficult because the instructions are presented with illustrations. You can do that step by step. on our menu for a hard copy of the form.

Q: Which types of fabric can you supply?
A: There is a wide variety of fabric available. We have Vietnam silk, linen, washed silk, cotton, genuine wool, artificial wool, denim, polyester blend and etc.

Q: Is It possible to use my fabric for my order?
Yes, it is. In this case, only wages for making your order will be charged.

Q: In case I come to your place, how long does it take to make me a few pieces of garment?
A: We will arrange a fitting for you on the next day. Then the order will be ready in another 2 or 3 days.

Q: How do you deliver your consignment?
A: In case of customers living abroad, the consignment can be sent via post office and We do not charge for standard postage for orders anywhere in the world, the price you see is what you pay for up to 14 day delivery. If you require a quicker delivery we offer a courier service at the checkout and the extra cost will be added to your order prior to payment.

Q: How does your shipping guarantee work?
Our free shipping is 14 days . It is guaranteed to clear customs and guaranteed delivery right to your home. We will not be held responsible for any import tax charged on your package; but can assure you that 99% of our customers receive their shipment with no absolutely no hassles from customs. This is because we avoid such charges by shipping all our bags marked as low value and specially wrapped. In the rare event of seizure we will reship once at our expense.

Q: Are all products showed in the website?
We are not displaying all products on this website now.If you are expecting other styles which are not shown here,please tell us which one you are interested in asap,and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements !.

Q: Are the pictures true or false?
All of the pictures are definitely taken by ourselves,The color phenomenon may occurred only in a few pictures, check them clearly before take the item into your cart..

Q: Do you accept credit card?
A: Yes, you can pay by Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB Card and Diners.

Q: Can I pay my order at home?
A: You can do that in 2 ways.

 *Making your online payment. Click PAY YOUR BILL on our menu. Then enter reference number assigned for your transaction together with general data. When ready, click SUBMIT .The system will switch to web site of our bank automatically. On the bank's web site, your credit card number and its expiry date will be asked for. The bank will protect this confidential data very strongly by its latest software. You will see the security sign at the bottom of this page. The whole process will take you only 5 minutes

Transferring money to our bank account. We have 1 account.

Account :
Account  No: 0071374663521
Name: Tân Y Joint stock-investment company
CIF  No:: 3335772

TELEX: 811234-811235 VCB- FAX: 84-8- 8297228

Q: What can I do if my order was not approved?
There are a number of reasons why your order may not have been approved. The most common reason is that your credit card failed to pass the fraud detection test. You can try to replace your order and  to finish payment, or you can contact us by email at  to complete your order.

Q: I am getting married in a few months. Can you make me a wedding dress?
A: We have made a lot of wedding dresses. Some people just stop over here for their wedding dresses.

Q: I want my wedding dress with some embroidery. Can you make it?
A: You can have us make a wedding dress with embroidery. Our dressmakers are good at doing embroidery. We have variety of design to offer. Any way, you can have us follow your exclusive design too.

Q: Is it possible to have men's suit made by you?
A: Yes, it is. Our tailor will take care it. It is our additional line.

Q: How can I get to your shop?
A: We are on Dong Khoi Street,, the central of Ho Chi Minh City there are many  five stars hotel such as Sheraton, Caravel,  Majestic , Rex hotel.. Park Hyatt located. Click Contact Us on our menu for details. You can print a hard copy of map of our location on that page as well. You may call us at 84-38232655 or, 84-38294365 for directions to our place.

Q: What are your business hours?
A: We are open Mon. thru Sunday. From 8 a.m. till 22.00 p.m. You may call to 84-38232655 or 84-38294365    to check our service availability.

Q: I own a big dress shop in USA. I am interested in having my collection sewn in Vietnam. Can you handle orders in big quantity?
A: Of course, we can. We are sewing such orders for some European, American and Japanese designers. Let's discuss your project in detail to see how we can work together.











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